Destiny TQ’s and Wins 6 out of 8 Classes at 2018 Protoform Canadian Nationals

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The 2018 Canadian Carpet Nationals presented by Protoform were held at the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario from March 22-25. With over 500 entries from around the world, this is one of the largest races in the world. With a possible of 8 classes a Destiny chassis could enter, the team wound up being on top of 6 of them. Truly a dominating result considering the magnitude of the event. Congrats to the organizers of the event, Mark Frechette and Mike Wilson for hosting such a great race and a staple of the teams calendar.

12th Stock 17.5

On a large track of 105’x60’ on the gorgeous CRC Black Carpet, this was a battle of precision and consistency. Joe Trandell of Team Associated and Johnny Carey of Destiny would battle the whole weekend, swapping TQ runs and being the front runners in the class. Johnny wound up setting TQ in round 4 on a perfect run. On the first lap, Johnny had spun out and fell down to 4th place allowing the lead to be challenged by the likes of Trandell, Jeff Dayger-CRC and Tom Firsching-CRC. With some patience and using some excellent Xenon batteries, Johnny clawed his way back to wind up with the win.

1st - Johnny Carey TQ – Destiny VD12

2nd – Joe Trandell

3rd – Jeff Dayger

4th – Bryce Frechette

5th – Tom Firsching

6th – Patrick St. Germain

7th – Charly Gratts

8th – Martin Lecuyer

9th – Brandon Showler

10th – Brian Wynn

11th – Dana Bailes


USGT 21.5 TC

The Destiny team set a new TQ time in every round. Chris Vogan was the man to beat for most of the weekend, taking the first 3 rounds in commanding fashion. Scott Jakes was the dark horse going into round 4 and he wound up taking the TQ spot on the final lap of the heat, which meant Destiny would start 1 and 2 in the triple A-Mains. In A1, Scott had a perfect run and with Vogan having some bad luck, would only wind up running 3 laps. In A2, Scott would once again run a flawless race to make the clean sweep as Vogan would finish 2nd to make it a Destiny 1-2. In A3, it was Vogan the man to beat. Went on to have a commanding win with fellow Destiny driver, Albin Melendez, would finish 2nd.

1st – Scott Jakes TQ – Destiny RX10-SR

2nd – Chris Vogan – Destiny RX10-SR

3rd – Gordie Tam

4th – Albin Melendez – Destiny RX10-SR

5th – Jonathan Devries

6th – Adam Hutchison

7th – Martini Racing

8th – Chase Schell

9th – Douglas Shewfelt

10th – Mike Moore

11th – Brian Wynn


Touring Car Modified

Destiny Japans, Yugo Nagashima, fresh off of his last trip to North America would do it again. The 2018 Snowbirds champion would end up on top again. He would go to reset his TQ a couple of times during the event and was the man to beat when it was all said and done. Cruising to a comfortable A1 and A2 win over some of the best drivers in North America, it was a display of perfection as he was over 99% consistency through the runs. WOW.

1st – Yugo Nagashima TQ – Destiny RX10-SR

2nd – Paul Lemieux

3rd – Keven Hebert

4th – Max Kuenning

5th – Martin Crisp

6th – Luke Pittman

7th – Bryce Frechette

8th – Barrett Morrow

9th – Gordie Tam

10th – Phil Matthews


Touring Car Super Stock 17.5

In Martin Crisp’s final North American race, he stepped up to the plate and hit a couple of home runs. On his way to win A1 and A2, he also reset TQ every round. He was the fastest guy all weekend, and wish him the best. With 2 Destiny drivers making the A main, they were on a uphill battle to make it to the top. Carey starting from 7th and Vogan starting 10th, after the Triple A-mains were over, that is where they ended up. The cars performed well all week, with competition high and 88 entries in this class, job well done for the results of these 2.

1st – Martin Crisp TQ

2nd – Max Kuenning

3rd – Tom Firsching

4th – Dave Johnson

5th – Jeff Dayger

6th – Luke Pittman

7th – Johnny Carey – Destiny RX10-SR

8th – Alex Fournier

9th – Bryce Frechette

10th – Chris Vogan – Destiny RX10-SR

11th – Daniel Mills


12th Super Stock 13.5

Once again as in 17.5 12th scale, it would be the Joe Trandell and Johnny Carey show in qualifying. Swapping TQ’s throughout the event, Joe had it going into round 4. Johnny switched to a different compound of tires and threw down a near perfect run to grab TQ in the final round by a second. In the main, it was Carey who would stretch his lead out fast and let the field battle for the rest.  

1st – Johnny Carey TQ – Destiny VD-12

2nd – Tom Firsching

3rd – Joe Trandell

4th – Jeff Dayger

5th – Alex Fournier

6th – Fabio Evangelista

7th – Martin Lecuyer

8th – Scott Jakes – Destiny VD-12

9th – Dana Bailes

10th – Luke Pittman


12th Modified

Once again it was Destiny Japan’s Yugo Nagashima that showed the field how good his car and driving were. Winding up with TQ he would start from the pole. After a great battle between Yugo, Xray’s Max Kuenning, and Associated’s Keven Hebert, it would be Yugo who would come out victorious. With the 3 of them battling, sometimes within mm’s of each other, it was one of the best races of the event and a great display of driving and respect for each other. Destiny drivers Gabe Hoban and Ken Miller would also make the show on good runs and finish 8th and 11th respectively

1st – Yugo Nagashima TQ – Destiny VD-12

2nd – Max Kuenning

3rd – Keven Hebert

4th – Joe Trandell

5th – Bobby Rorison

6th – Michael Zufelt

7th – Philip Leung

8th – Gabe Hoban – Destiny VD-12

9th – Tony Tang

10th – Dana Bailes

11th – Ken Miller – Destiny VD-12


USVTA 25.5

Destiny driver Max Trivieri would put on a clinic in the USVTA class. Building his car on Thursday, the first day of the event, he would go onto TQ every round and lead the Main from tone to tone with over a 14 second lead over 2nd place. Max chose the Protoform 1968 Mustang has his body of choice and was also running Xenon batteries.

1st – Max Trivieri TQ – Destiny RX10-SR

2nd – James Thompson

3rd – Darren Stoner

4th – Ian Smith

5th – Brian Wynn

6th – Jeremy D’Amico

7th – Kevin Large

8th – John Cravotta – Destiny RX10-SR

9th – Brad Stewart

10th – Dan Fitzgerald – Destiny RX10S

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