Scott Jakes TQ USGT-Paul Doyle TQ USVTA @ MMR Challenge

Posted by John Carey on

Congratulations to all the drivers using Destiny products at the MMR Challenge in Minnesota. 

Scott Jakes - TQ and 2nd
Rick Pfielsticker - 5th
Albin Melendez - 6th
Paul Doyle - 10th

Paul Doyle - TQ and 1st

12th Scale 17.5
Scott Jakes - 2nd
Rick Pfielsticker - 8th
Jess Isakson - 9th


21.5 TC
Paul Doyle - 2nd
Albin Melendez - 7th

12th Scale 13.5
Scott Jakes - 2nd
Rick Pfielsticker - 3rd
Jess Isakson - 6th


See everyone at the next one.



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